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Tracing the Wealth Advice Journey: A Client Engagement Solution With the Advisor in Mind

Amplify’s Clarity solution delivers better advisor and customer experiences to create advancements in wealth management client experience.

“Client experience” gets a lot of attention in the wealth management space. It can mean anything from mailing a client a birthday card to sending them a monthly newsletter to having the best client portal in the industry. 

Whatever your client experience looks like, the goal of every CX is the same: To leave a lasting impression on your clients. But that’s often easier said than done. After all, keeping track of each client’s major milestones, portfolios, conversations, emails, events – it’s easy for all the data to get messy.

A lot of the focus on creating a next-level CX goes to client-facing technology, but equally (if not more so) important is the technology you give your advisors to manage client relationships.

Advisors need a solution that gives them not just a high-level view of client interactions, but also a zoomed-in version of each touchpoint. Armed with that data, your firm is equipped to deliver highly personalized experiences – something that’s become expected in the wealth management landscape

Today, we’re exploring how your firm can create an advisor experience (and by extension, client experience) built on modern technology to bridge the path forward and grow faster.

Building a Better Advisor Experience

If you’re looking to improve your firm’s customer experience, it’s best to take a step back and consider your advisor experience. 

Advisors are clients’ guides throughout their financial planning journey; thus, the tools and communications firms employ form the foundation of CX. And a great advisory experience requires something all firms struggle to find: more time. 

In fact, a recent report from Kitces shows that the typical advisor is already spending north of 40 hours per week on their practice – and over 26 of those hours are spent on direct client activity!

Your advisors need time to plan, manage and create results behind the scenes for their clients – and that requires the right technology. 

The best tech understands that universal time shortage and allows advisors to complete work more efficiently, so they can better serve their clients while also growing their skillset. 

At Amplify, our team supports your advisory business by giving you a completely customized experience. We keep your brand and messaging front and center so clients, advisors and firm leadership remain on the same page. We do this with three core tenets in mind: efficiency, consistency and clarity. 

  1. Efficiency

We know your advisors need to capture and capitalize on key insights to help clients move toward their goals. Our tech allows your advisors to spend more time on client solutions and less on locating data or closing communication gaps. 

  1. Consistency

Consistency is a key part of both the advisor and client experience. The flexibility to find unique solutions is a bonus. Amplify’s tech standardizes repetitive tasks across clients while also giving advisors the freedom to make decisions based on specific client needs. 

  1. Clarity

Data is only useful when it’s presented in a clear, understandable way. That’s why Amplify focuses on providing clarity to advisors with robust performance reporting and portfolio analysis tools. 

Understanding advisor needs is key to developing a strong CX – but it’s only half of the equation. Let’s further explore how to improve customer experiences in wealth management.

The Key to Creating a Great Client Experience is a Superior Advisor Experience

Advisors need a full view of client finances, goals, progress and communication – it allows them to be on the same page and make decisions together, while also offering the most transparency. Amplify makes this possible with a tool we call Clarity

Clarity gives advisors a true 360-degree view of a client’s entire financial situation. It provides insights into:

  • Projected timelines
  • Profiles
  • Digital interactions
  • Financial planning products being used
  • And more

Rather than having side-by-side systems for tracking things like income, insurance protection and family relationships, you can see it all in one organized space. 

That organized data is key to tying together portfolio management, risk and financial planning goals – allowing you to bring your clients’ goals into the real world.

wealth management client experience platform from Amplify

Clarity arranges your client data based on category and date, even allowing you to look ahead at future events. Need to remember what to talk about in your next meeting? It’s as easy as leaving a note in the event. 

With full transparency on who completed the task, the date of completion and notes for reference, Clarity also offers robust documentation to aid in internal compliance efforts. 

Building meaningful client experiences starts with using tech that understands both advisor and client needs – while also lending efficiency, consistency and clarity to your processes. 

Create a Better CX with Amplify

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