Advisor HUB

Your wealth management practice in perspective.

Viewing your book of business easily in one place can be a challenge. Finding valuable insights quickly can be even more challenging. With Amplify’s Advisor HUB, consume essential data about your practice and stay ahead of trends to maximize client outcomes.


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The struggle of wrestling with disparate systems and platforms that don’t “speak” to one another—or that fail to present useful information to you as the relationship manager—is over. Amplify’s Advisor HUB provides key insights to your advisory practice, your client relationships, and the business of managing risk and investments. Intuitively and informatively.

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See. KNOW. Trust.

Advisor HUB provides access to powerful book-of-business, portfolio, and client data in seconds. Make choices more quickly with the power of greater visibility. Don’t guess when you can know. From practice-level to position-level insights, Amplify’s Advisor HUB provides a 360-degree view of consumable data for making informed decisions and providing valuable insight to your client relationships.

Reclaim control.

If understanding client and portfolio risk has remained elusive—or, at best, inconsistent—the Amplify Advisor HUB will revolutionize how you manage your practice. Advisor HUB puts you back in the driver’s seat, allowing you to reframe the client conversation and take a fresh, proactive approach to building client trust.

Practice management.


Humans are complicated. Technology shouldn’t be. Yet, many wealth management firms remain weighed down by unnecessarily complex software solutions. Amplify is scalable, efficient, and was actually built to simplify your business, not increase the degree of difficulty. An effective wealth management platform should offer depth and power without being impossible to use. Drive better business decisions and client outcomes through Amplify’s Advisor HUB.

Our take on what a wealth management platform should be.

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