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Ron Piccinini

Ron Piccinini

Ph.D • Director of Investment Research

Ron joined Amplify in 2023 as Director of Investment Research. In this role, he is focused on oversight of risk modeling, assessment of portfolio risk assessment, and investment manager due diligence.

Ron brings an extensive background in risk analytics, portfolio theory and model development, and quantitative research to Amplify. He studied the 1998 collapse of Long-Term Capital Management and subsequently wrote a graduate dissertation on heavy-tailed distributions using neural networks. Ron has applied the knowledge and experience gained through his quantitative research to risk management systems and processes at a number of well-known financial firms.

Before to joining Amplify, Ron was part of a portfolio management team that launched new ETFs to the advisory marketplace. Previously, he helped a national wealth management firm develop a program to assess structured notes as a tool for generating client conversations. He also built portfolio margin systems for TD Ameritrade and other firms. Ron was co-founder of a cloud-based risk analytics company which was subsequently acquired by a Covisum, a software entity which serves RIAs. He started his financial services career with First National Bank of Omaha, where he developed Economic Capital and Treasury risk models.

Ron received a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and a Maîtrise (Master’s degree) from Strasbourg University in France.

In his free time, Ron enjoys golf, fencing, and scuba diving. He remains an avid student and researcher in the areas of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and the cognitive sciences.