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Headshot of Amplify's Chief Compliance Officer Jolen Garcia.

Jolen Garcia


Jolen brings has more than two decades of wealth management industry experience. She has served as CCO of a management firm and she brings that perspective to her role at Amplify.

As our Chief Compliance Officer, Jolen is oversees compliance considerations within the Amplify platform This includes ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements, and monitoring of policies and procedures. She also contributes to the continuous improvement of processes and procedures that help reduce reduce operational risks for firms using the platform. Jolen serves as a consultative resource to each client firm using Amplify, often interfacing directly with a firm’s internal or outsourced compliance staff.

Prior to joining Amplify, Jolen was with GenSpring Family Offices, where she served as a Senior Portfolio Associate developing and maintaining relationships with private and institutional clients of the firm. Jolen resides in Arizona with her husband, who is a dental professional.